Gas filling systems are designed to deliver pressures up to 700 Barg, making them ideal for high-demand applications. They meet the stringent DEF-STAN 58/96 cleaning standards, ensuring reliability and safety. These systems can be customized to meet specific customer requirements and can include optional automatic control software and a user-friendly control screen for seamless operation. Additionally, a battery-operated ground filling option enhances their versatility. Suitable for high-pressure air, nitrogen, argon, and hydrogen applications, these systems are perfect for IIR seeker cooling, ground filling operations, high-pressure tank filling, pneumatic power systems, gas distribution systems, and cryogenic applications, adhering to defense and aviation standards.


The DEF-STAN 58/96 Cleaning Test Equipments are designed to determine the purity of gases such as argon, air, or nitrogen. These units feature optional gas connection ports that can be customized according to customer needs and used accordingly. The internal architecture of the unit can be configured based on the pressure of the gas being tested. This equipment allows for quick determination of whether the gas meets DEF-STAN 58/96 cleanliness standards, either in the field or in a production environment, aiding in decision-making processes. Additionally, the device is suitable for use in IIR seeker cooling operations. With its versatile design and reliable performance, it is an essential tool for ensuring gas purity in critical applications.


"The Gas Distribution Systems are custom-designed devices tailored to meet the specific needs of Logos' customers. These systems can be utilized in various applications, including IIR seeker cooling, ammunition release, gas filling systems, pressurization test infrastructures, leak tests, proof pressure tests, pressure regulation in launchers, and flow initiation processes. As these products are customized to customer requirements, they can also be designed with their own electronic control systems. These control systems enable the integration of embedded software within the product, providing automatic control (self-check) features such as IBIT (Initial Built-In Test), PBIT (Periodic Built-In Test), and CBIT (Continuous Built-In Test). Additionally, the communication interface can be customized according to customer needs, allowing for integration with higher-level systems. Communication options such as RS485, RS422, RS232, or other protocols as per customer requirements can be implemented. The product can also be equipped with custom user interface software, enabling easy control, record keeping, and report generation. These products are a perfect blend of Logos' mechanical, electronic, and process expertise, designed to address the needs of customers in the field, laboratory, or production environments. They facilitate the distribution of high-pressure gases, initiation of flows, and decision-making processes in production, all supported by comprehensive reporting capabilities. For high-pressure gas distribution systems tailored to your specific needs, please contact Logos."

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